Safety & Quality

Ensuring precise quality control stands as a cornerstone of our commitment. We initiate this meticulous process in the fields, maintaining vigilant oversight throughout the entire onsite production journey.


Food Safety

For over 25 years, we’ve forged our reputation by delivering customers top-notch and secure products. At the heart of our company lies an unwavering commitment to Food Safety. Every team member is dedicated to not only ensuring quality but also prioritizing safety, with the ultimate goal of achieving customer satisfaction.

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Quality Assurance

Ensuring stringent quality control is paramount to our operations. We initiate this meticulous process right from the fields and oversee the entire production on-site. Annual inspections are conducted on our factories to guarantee compliance with our rigorous standards. Additionally, a comprehensive audit is undertaken to validate and enhance our food safety and quality controls.

Post-production, our products undergo thorough testing conducted by an external laboratory to certify their microbiological conditions. Our dedicated teams also meticulously consider the selection of packaging materials and manage logistics with utmost care.




The foundation of food safety is laid in the fields. We invest significant effort in training farmers to adopt a traceability program and closely monitor pesticide usage. Regular audits of the farms are conducted to ensure adherence to Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) guidelines.


Quality Commitment

We source our fruit and vegetables from certified GAP farms.

  • All of our partners are BRC certified.
  • All lots are tested for listeria and pesticides before exporting.
  • We work with expert agronomists to educate field workers about food safety.
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We cultivate our fruits and vegetables locally, carefully selecting the right varieties. To fortify our commitment to sustainability, we engage the expertise of seasoned growers and processors. Collaborating with our international partners, we actively contribute to the development and execution of responsible and sustainable agricultural practices.

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Social Responsability

Relationship with “Fundación Nuevo Futuro” Colombia.

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